Illuminate the night with Wyze Night Light - 5/25/21

Yeah, I’m not exactly sure who gets that weekly email. I assume it’s anyone with a pending pre-order shipment. Look in spam for “Jimmy from Wyze”. Since Wyze doesn’t, maybe we should just start posting these emails on the forum.

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It is kinda odd that everyone doesn’t get those updates. Figured it’s August, checked my email nothing new, checked the order page on the official wyze site, nothing. Then checking here and finding out the news.

Honestly I don’t mind waiting its not a big deal. But this selective notification is pretty janky IMO

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What news?

You can subscribe to product announcements in your app by going to the Account tab > Notifications > Email Notifications > Promotional.

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So newshound you’re saying for me to see that my order which said would arrive in July, that the reason it’s not here yet and we’re in August I have to sign up for the promotional news newsletter?

Sorry, thought you were talking about the original news message here.

agree 100%

I don’t mind waiting, I’ve gotten rather used to the “disappointment” lately with Covid delays and such, but some communication and or an update on the order or on the website would be nice.

We’re now at the end of August, and no new word.

@Newshound - I am signed up for everything in the app and on the site and this forum, still no updates except that Wyze is now selling LED strips…

nothing in spam either

It is disappointing, the level of non-communication on things like this. It wouldn’t be such a big deal to wait if communicated properly, especially if it’s out of your control (suppliers, shipping, etc.) - but when we pay in May and don’t have anything 3, going on 4 months later that’s an issue that Wyze needs to be all out in front of in every possible way.

I understand that you should be getting an email from Wyze Jimmy if you have anything on preorder. The following was provided on the 25th of this month regarding the night lights.

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Still no updates from “Jimmy” and still no lights… I realize there are shipping issues - just a bit frustrating, especially with such an early pre-order on my part.

Hope to see them soon.

Ditto, taking the time to follow-up on issues, confirm that emails are on the list, or anything bare minimum customer servicy is just undo-able. THe answer is just stay in the dark until it magically shows up at your door, or doesn’t who knows.

Like how do you even cancel the order, that’s not even an option on the orders page. It’s not even about the wait, the [Mod Edit] customer service just makes me want to cancel and not purchase Wyze products again.

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Update posted 9-15-2021 here

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Update posted 9-15-2021 here

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I’m being patient on mine… ordered a couple back in May but, it’s a Pre-Order and that’s how they work… I am however Pre-Excited about the possibility they could arrive this month though. :upside_down_face:

I bought 2 sets right away and received mine in August. For those waiting, they are really worth the wait.

One set I installed in a dark stairway that gets no natural light. With 3 of these installed, once I get near one end, they all light, and the entire stairway is illuminated. No need for overhead lights which is great when hands are full.

The second set I have installed on my first floor, Being an older house there are no light switches so I would have to walk blindly to reach a light. Not anymore. Once I cross one, there is enough light on the floor to walk through or to get to a light and turn it on.

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I placed an order for one set back on May 25th, and I just got them yesterday (October 6th). Wow, the box was a lot smaller than I was thinking! But I have to say, these are pretty cool. Now I wish I had bought more than one set, because I have lots of areas in the house that are dark 24/7, and would love to be able to illuminate them only long enough to walk through with just my movement.

95% shipped and I still don’t have mine… Guess I was lucky to get one.

Part of my order’s in Pick/Pack so… hoping to see at least one pack arriving before too much longer. …Very happy to hear how they’re working for those who have gotten some already.!