Fantastic. Hopefully this gets us somewhere. Thanks for putting in the ticket with Wyze - I haven’t had a chance to do it myself.

Could you please keep this thread updated with the resolution? Thanks!

Absolutely. I’ll mirror anything of use I get over here.

For each of the applets I created for the individual or all camera motion events, I received this error. It appears that motion events with Wyze and IFTTT is fundamentally broken.

I just got my first Wyze cameras this past week. Yesterday I setup IFTT simply to email me if there is motion. Not gotten a single email.

I set up IFTTT with my Wyze v2 camera a few weeks ago and haven’t received one motion email.

Same here. Ifttt alerts (email or sms) have never worked. Tried on both Wyzecam V1 and V2.

It definitely all worked when I first set IFTTT up within a day or 2 of Wyze announcing it. Now… nothing.

I haven’t gotten any response from support on my ticket since I responded to them Friday morning with a deeper explanation of the issue and a link to this forum post. They asked for a log from my app, which I hesitated (and ultimately decided not to) to give since I know the issue is not on my side and I don’t know that there is a way to see the log and what it says. Hopefully they are not ignoring my ticket now because of that.

I have added a few more things for test and some work reliably and some never as follows:

  • Upload a video for one or all cameras at a certain time after each hour - working almost every time
  • Upload a video when I get close to home (geofencing) - working
  • Turn off motion detection for one camera every day at a certain time - working
  • Turn on motion detection for one camera every day at a certain time - working
  • Alert to a Gmail account - FAILS every time

I would like to test uploading a video to Google Drive, but could not figure out how to do it.

So I just started getting motion detection emails for the first time since the problem started. Fingers crossed it doesnt go down again.

Same here. Started working just a few minutes ago. No, I did not do anything to change anything (I was driving, so I hope not)!


Same here. Just started working. Let’s see if it keeps working.

Not working for me here in So Cal … I’ll check again later/tomorrow.

Still no motion detection email or sms here. But I did try the record a video every hour trigger. That one appears to fire properly.

I think it may have gone out again. Mine started working at 8:38 pm, i got a lot pf notifications (my locations are active) and there was a failure in the ifttt activity log at 9:16 pm. Havent seen any since then.

Like werewolf, mine worked briefly last evening, and then quit again.
(this is for send motion alert to a G-Mail account)

I really wish that the Wyze team should simply admit that there is an issue and provide a timeline for resolution instead of leaving customers hanging and wondering if/when this important feature will work. It’s OK to have something broken, updates would be greatly appreciated for all users!!

Seems to still be working for me as of right now (3:10 PM EST) june 6, 2018.

But I 100% agree that Wyze needs to be honest and explain and fix this issue…

I’m still having problems with IFTTT - especially with turning on/off push notifications. I have a mix of v1 and v2 cameras.


What I have been trying to do is turn off detection and push notifications when I come home, and then turn on detection and push notifications when I leave home. I tried it initially using geofencing (when I entered/left a specific area) and it worked intermittently. I then set it up so that it would deactivate/activate if my (Android) phone connected to my home wifi.


The turning off/on of the detection seems to work most (but not all) of the time.

The turning off/on of the push notifications never seems to trigger.

I have not tried sending emails or sms.