If I uninstall the app do I lose my rules when reinstalling the app?

Hey everyone so I was on the beta program thinking that it would be awesome but it was very difficult to keep things working. So now I’m looking to get out of the beta program and went through all of the necessary guidelines to get me off the beta list. Fast forward a week and I still have a beta app and I’m looking to uninstall my app and then reinstall my app but I’m worried that I would have to recreate all my rules and re-add all my cameras just to go back to a regular app not the beta app.
Tldr; will uninstalling the beta app mean I lose all my rules and devices when I reinstall the app?

All your connected devices, rules, etc are stored on the Wyze servers. The Wyze app gets all its info from these servers. So, to answer your question, you will not lose any of this info if you re-install the Wyze app.

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