Beta App refuses to play clips on timeline

How do you revert to non Beta App, without having to set up each camera from scratch? I’m not please with its intermittent functionality.

I also don’t want to travel 900 miles to reset 3 cameras.

I can’t get the app to play recorded motion clips. Pressing play does nothing.
It finds them, pressing play does nothing.


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I don’t know anything, but I wonder what the result would be if, say, your partner installed the public app on their phone or tablet, and then you shared the problem cameras with your partner. I would expect if your partner experienced the same problem playing clips then the problem is unrelated to the Beta app.

Same issue. Tried to uninstall from both phone and play store, but it keeps installing beta

My earlier suggestion likely failed to take into consideration that installation of the non-beta app probably would require a different (new) device with a Gmail address that has never been used in connection with a Wyze camera beta app. I have two Gmail addresses on my Android phone. When I tried to use the secondary address to install the Wyze app it installed the forum app and advised me that another email address on my phone was using the beta app.

Did it automatically find and install your devices without initiating full set ups?

I have cameras monitoring a vacation home 950 miles away, and it is totally insane if I have to reinstall

There is a way to do it but I am an Apple user, we need a savvy Android user to guide you through the beta vs production app switch.

I have been having problems with this on and off lately too. Sometimes it just eventually starts working, or I try rebooting the cameras, or a number of other things. It is frustrating though (for my pan cam I had to reformat the SD card and revert the firmware to an earlier build to get it to work again, while the other cams eventually start working again, but not sure what the problem was. I tried reverting firmware on one of them too to see if that helps).

Anyway, I beta test for at least 10 apps and have had to undo it when things got bad on some of them. To opt out of Beta on Android, you should just go to the app’s main page on the play store and you will see it look like this:
See at the bottom of the screenshot where it says “You’re a beta tester” and it has an option to select for “Leave”? This is how you convert back out of beta testing to use a normal app. Click “Leave” and you should be good.


Thank you! I was sure it could be done just could not remember how to do it.

On the iOS side (come over, we have cookies) you install beta apps via a separate app called TestFlight. To switch you just delete the app then reinstall it. If you install from the App Store you get the current production version. If you install from TestFlight you get the current beta or even alpha version depending on the invite link you used.

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Thanks. I’ll have to work up the nerve to do it.

I’d like Wyze to weigh in and assure I don’t lose my setups.

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…though I was hoping the betas would be testing out dark mode or better yet, v3.0.
It mostly seems centric to the new devices, devices which I will not invest in until the app improves.

You may want to revert to non-beta firmware before dropping out of the beta program.
You can roll back camera firmware within the beta app.
Camera Settings → Device Info → Firmware Version → Have problem?

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Thanks, I see 4 versions available! However I’m not sure if the issue with the firmware or the app! I’ll try one local camera that I can hard reset if needed. If no improvement, then I’ll revert the app to the public version.
I just hate hardware that needs so much babysitting

That’s always the tradeoff for beta testing.