I KNEW that updating the firmware was going to RUIN my wyze experience!

As is almost ALWAYS the case. I was encouraged with multiple messages to update the firmware to the newest (or it might not work after February 2022…)
I did so. NOW I can no longer successfully navigate to a time period in the “View Playback” mode & record a 1 to 8 minute section that seems to be properly loaded onto my SD Card (or I obviously wouldn’t be able to view it). This is sooooo typical of being told to UPDATE. Same thing with Firefox updates, Same thing with (some) security updates). I’m no computer or techno wizard to say the least, But it seems every time (they) tell us we better hurry up & update because if we don’t we are at risk or will miss out… Al we ever get for it is ISSUES!!!


What error messages do you see? Describe your process.

So this cry in agony is exactly why I rarely update things. I’m aware of the risks though. I update if needed.

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Yep, I KNEW I was making a mistake but decided I would give it a try.
There are no error messages. I just do what I always have done…Navigate to a time I want to record in the playback mode. Hit the record button & it says it’s recording. I usually only record 2 to 5 minute clips. Hit the stop button & in 2 to 3 seconds the message box says “Saved successfully” . I go to the Album area to see that a recording (looks) like it’s saved but it shows the length a 0.00 Meaning there is nothing recorded. Try to play it…Nothing.

Which app version (Account tab > About > the number under the logo), firmware version (Camera settings > Device Info), and OS (Android, iOS) are you using?

That process works for me on my iOS production setup. If you could try one more time and then send a log (Camera settings > Wyze Support > Submit a log > Give description) and post the log number here, it would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Sorry, That’s all beyond my time scheduled & intelligence. It was the latest Firmware update.
Wyze Cam v2Plugin Version
That’s all I know.
I will say that I am recording clips RIGHT NOW from a few hours later in the playback and it seems to be working just fine . But if I go back to around 08:00 this morning in the playback & try to record it just keeps showing up as “download successful” But in Album the video that should be a 5 minute clip is ZERO seconds.
So why would a section of downloaded video (which I assume is downloaded to my SD Card, Not the cloud), Be unable to properly be recorded when a LATER section can be properly recorded?
This seems to rule out Firmware issues, Or app issues and well a LOT of issues. This (should ) be a clue I would think???

The most likely scenario might be a SD card with some defective sectors on it. If you can stand the loss of all the old footage, might be a good time to try a reformat (camera settings > Advanced Settings > Manage MicroSD Card > Format – then watch for a ‘successful’ message).

A better way would be to do a low-level format on a PC, but that may be beyond your capabilities.

Another good method is to swap out the SD card. That may be the best for you.

You might also be intermittently losing contact with the camera, and it is only coincidence that you think it is on older footage.

Thanks Newshound:
I will absolutely give the reformat a try.
I had glancing thoughts about that possibility but just don’t know the percentage of likelihood of “bad sectors” on SD Cards. Didn’t really think that was an Issue with SD Cards.
No problem with loss of old footage. Nothing critical (This time).
But that’s what bothers me about this stuff. It’s going to be the time when I NEED the footage that it fails me! Same issues with dash cams. They seem to work perfect recording all the junk. But then when there’s something you REALLY want to save or download, There is some (ISSUE)… LOL Thanks all who took the time to reply & help.


``Opps, missed that bottom line…Don’t think there’s a loss of contact with camera. It’s only 15 foot from router / wifi (STRONG Signal) is what I am sayin here…

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Sorry – I am an old-school type, and ‘sectors’ from hard drives still rules my brain, lol. Think bad memory locations instead. I haven’t run into a lot of examples, but it can happen.

I understand your frustration. Updates are generally hacks and invariably full of bugs. So, wait, then wait some more. If we were to update everything on all our software and devices we’d have a full time job, including the gyrations to update the update to fix bugs. That’s why I’m still on Windows XP and 7, patiently waiting for all the Windows 10 bugs to be fixed. I’ll be dead before I get to Windows 11.

I too have constantly have my camera’s only recording 6-7 second snips and then sometimes they record just fine. But all this started after the NEW Updates and all I get from WYZE it to delete the app and delete the camera’s and re-install. I have done it all and no better still issues. I just wish they would own up to the problems instead of making you jump thru hoops. I was recommending these cam’s but now second guessing myself with the current issues. I am basically bought something that is not working properly now. Not Happy myself.


Yep, Right there with ya wachoate. I used to be able to go to a selected time & record 3, 5 even 15 minutes worth of video. And as I’m sure you know, You must sit there and wait the whole time it’s recording, Then to hit the stop button after say 10 minutes & see “successfully saved” Only to go to Albums & see a recording of 0.00 seconds!
THAT was a nice waste of my time!!! I don’t have a LOT of better things to do but whatever they are there better than shots in the dark as to if the recording will be successfully saved or not!

I also don’t need the little (advertising gimmicks) to try to get me (us) to “sign up” for whatever the latest dumd idea (they) came up with to encourage to money from my wallet. “You can pay as little as nothing…” nonscense they are pushing now.

I bought these wyze cams because they offered a FREE SERVICE for basic use. At MY OPTION I could upgrade if I thought the FREE SERVICE was not enough for me. I don’t need the little GUILT TRIP they are now laying out!!! I don’t need the constant reminder on the “EVENTS” list that I can UPGRADE for longer video clips! Why should/would I when it’s clear they are just like everyone else on the web. Trying to get you to “Click a link” or SNEAK some small print language in somewhere to get money out of you.

I’m SERIOUSLY considering just going back to old school CCV on VHS tapes !!!


I too have same issue. Also in Playback mode when I try to scroll back to previous days, after a few seconds it will RESET and JUMP to CURRENT time, so I could never get to an older recording. Basically the View Playback mode is now Useless.