I have disabled CamPlus but losing notifications

Latest problem!

I have two V3s that I monitor using Tinycam on an Android tablet.

I switched off all CamPlus options months ago and have had no problems with notifications up until now.

Several times I have been watching the Tinycam feed and saw my cat walking in the field of view of a camera … BUT NO NOTIFICATION! And no event recorded.

Then the cat walked back and there was a notification.

It is impossible to trust these cameras.

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The cams have a 5 minute recording cooldown, any motion in this cooldown won’t be recorded or send a notification. You can bypass this with cam plus.

@ShardlowM, if I remember from your other posts, you still have the CP sub on your cams, you just disabled the Smart AI Detection recording and AI notifications and rely on Motion Only Detection recordings and All Motion notifications. This was because turning on the AI detection and notifications caused a loss in your motion only notifications (Fix-it Friday entry).

So, the 5 min cooldown would not be in play for you.

If there WAS an event recorded, but no notification, then I would suspect a problem @ the Wyze Servers that blast the push notification. However, there was no Event recorded. This leads me to suspect that the cam itself never detected the motion and never raised the red flag. Did your uSD playback show a motion tracking box on the cat?

EDIT: are you using the TinyCam notifications on the tablet? Do they work for you?

Unless this is happening on multiple cams simultaneously, I would suspect that cam.

My first steps would be to cycle the cam, clean the cam face, jack the sensitivity and test.

My cams aren’t 100% on point all the time either. It is frustrating when these anomalies pop up and can’t be reproduced in testing. It certainly does reduce trust in the tech. But, I would consider you in the expert user category with all that you have gone thru in setting up your system and troubleshooting in the past. I am hopeful this was just a fluke and not a new issue developing.

Good luck!

Yep - that is correct.

If it had recorded the event but just no notification then I would have assumed the problem was at the servers, but as you say, there was no event recorded and I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t seen it on Tinycam. It maybe happens more often but I cannot sit staring at the monitor! Since turning off the AI options it seems ok with notifications … Except I am still getting two for each event - one when the event is triggered and one when the video has finished uploading ( I only realised what the second notification was after Wyze took away the slider in event view and gave us live view instead)

There was nothing on the SD card - but I have it set for recording events only which would make sense (I think!).

I am just using Tinycam (free) to look at the output from just two of the cams so I have not bothered with anything else like notifications. To be honest, the tablet I am using is a cheap Chinese thing from Amazon using Android 11 Go edition which is just about managing to run Tinycam!

I have power cycled it a few times - it is obviously seeing the movement as it is displaying on Tinycam but it is obviously not recognising it as an event. It is very intermittent though.

I have a spare new camera so I may just swap it to see if that makes any difference if it keeps happening with the existing cam.

Thanks for you help ( again! )

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