I Have A Serious Security Issue

I understood exactly what he meant.

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Thinking about your pistol analogy. You bought $20 cameras to secure your home and was disappointed in the result.
I bought them to play with. I have not been disappointed. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are much better options for security.


I think this may be a photoshopped image. The frames are too perfect to be different time and there is a black line on the the right side that is from a digital pen stroke. Post the two videos. That would help here. Thx!

@R_T, do you have Cam Plus subscription? If not, it will not detect/record any event within 5 minutes after previous event. (Though OP’s issue with SD card recording sounds a real issue)

That is incorrect - local SD card recording is not constrained by the 5 minute/12 second limitations of the free cloud storage. What is constrained is the notifications of those motion events but the videos themselves will be (or rather should be) saved locally.


In my mind there are no cons other than cost. The Reolink E1 costs $10 more than the PanCam (a better comparison since it has pan/tilt) and $20 more than the V2.

For that $10/$20 difference these are the basic advantages (IMO) for the Reolink:

  • Higher resolution
  • Better video quality
  • PC/iOS app for live viewing, camera configuration, and viewing of recorded clips
  • Greater flexibility of recording options such as time periods and motion sensitivity
  • Ability to configure on an individual camera basis the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and sharpening of the image plus the option to add ‘backlighting’ to bring out detail in darker areas of the frame
  • User definable frame rate from 4 to 15 FPS
  • Multiple detection zones can be defined
  • Separate push and email notification schedules
  • Reliability - I know, you said ‘exclusive of’ but it’s too important a factor to disregard.

Factors that didn’t come into play for me because I won’t use them and, quite honestly, don’t know how they would compare if at all.

  • Fee based cloud storage
  • Person detection

One area where the Wyze cams may be preferable is the physical footprint of the cameras. The Reolink has a round base roughly 3" in diameter versus the Wyze 2" square, plus the Reolink is taller than the V2/V3. The dimensions could be an issue if trying to install the camera in very tight quarters.

Finally the companies themselves. Reolink’s entire product line has to do with video surveillance - they know what they’re doing. This versus Wyze which is rapidly moving to becoming the HSN of cheap electronic toys and, IMO, not doing any of it very well.


Agree with R_T…cute, semi functional, at times unreliable. Many, many events not recorded on chip for playback. Other times great recordings of bears raiding my garbage can. Also picking up swirling fog and giving me a hundred alerts during the night for movement. I’d dump them but the alternative is paying large dollars to get a hard wired setup for the house.


I have had the same issue on my new v3 doesn’t show people or animals i no are there but it will show a frigging bug flying through the air every second

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@R_T, I thought you were talking about events, not continuous recording on SD card. (BTW, how this forum app also double-post replies as top level post is so confusing

I was not talking about continuous recording. I was speaking specifically to event recording on the local SD card. The camera will record locally multiple event videos within a 5 minute time period, just no notifications (if turned on) will be send after the first one.

See this post:

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I’ve had this happen often. I have 2 cameras that basically cover the same area. More then once one will pick something up. And the other has no event.
I like the Wyze products. But they are coming out with new products at the speed of sound. I’d like to see some of these issues that are mentioned often in the forums addressed too… Right now I have 6 cameras in place. And just regard them as something fun to play with. Big push for Camera Plus and the Home Security System. Maybe things are a bit more dependable with added features. But not everyone is looking for another monthly bill.

I would say not likely. More features just means more things for Wyze to get wrong. :unamused:

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Yes…and for some people…that;s why they should always arm themselves with revolvers. I’m just getting into the WYZE forums…and that’s been one of my concerns…is this just a revovler that is kinda old-school but will work in a pinch…or is it a janky Sat Night Special that’s not reliable. I’ve only got one in my foyewr…and it;s been running solid for over a year. Type 2

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Welcome to the forum!

I own three v2’s, two v3’s, and two outdoor cams. The outdoor cams are by far the most expensive and unfortunately by far the least reliable. In my opinion, the v3’s are fantastic and the v2’s are great. Fortunately I haven’t run into any of the issues reported here.

With that said, I am having issues with one of my v3’s and have been waiting on a return shipping label for over 10 business days. I am working my way through an exchange. The issue I am having seems to be limited to the android platform. I’m unable to record videos from microSD card playback. One of my v3’s works fine and the other doesn’t. I’ve tried two different android devices, several versions of firmware, multiple application updates, several microSD cards…the problem sticks with the cam. Hopefully my RMA label will be here by Wednesday (according to my last support call), which will make 13 business days for a return shipping label required to perform the exchange.

Overall, I would say WYZE gear, particularly the support there of, is very similar to a Saturday night special. For the cost of the WYZE gear, I can’t say that it would be fair to expect more. Although the WYZE cam outdoor cost is a bit much based on the reliability of that cam. DO NOT buy a WYZE cam outdoor!

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I have the same problems with relying on these cameras. Sometimes they work, at other times I can’t view the picture without reloading. The alerts come after 5 to 30 minutes. For 20 bucks they are a nice toy but you can’t rely on them. I have 14 cameras, 7 of which are in service and 3 of which don’t work. Tech service is less than helpful.


I had the same issue with 2 of mine when a vandal occurred on my deck…luckily, my YI cameras documented the crime. I am uneasy with these now.

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This has happened to me several times. I’ve tried to get it resolved but have never received a response. I, too, am concerned about something serious happening and it not recorded.

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I so agree! It’s one thing to have problems: it’s a completely different one when you can’t get help for the problem. I’m beginning to think that the “ideal” price isn’t worth a penny, if you can’t get the item to work…

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Wyze has a phone number


Phone: (206) 339-9646
Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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