I can't find the link to "Live Chat" for support anywhere

Can somebody please post a link to a live chat for support? My order is on hold because I mistakenly submitted my order in the Opera browser which had the VPN turned on. So, I figured if I waited 48 hours the hold would be removed and my order would be shipped as normal. It’s still on hold. So my questions are:

  1. Where is the link posted on this website to "Live Chat" support? And what is the actual link to "Live Chat" support?
  2. How long is my order going to be on hold after such an issue occurs as I have described above? Everything is valid, it just probably looks funny since the IP is not in my home country.
Thanks for your help

I don’t think there is live chat support, only telephone and ticket (email).

Straight from the “Contact” page:

Find out how to get support on the Support site. We’re open for phone support and live chat between 8am-4pm PST Monday through Friday.


Hi! I hope to clarify a bit! We do have functionality for chat but the link will only toggle when we have agents available. If an agent is available for a chat session, you’ll notice a “Chat with us!” tab in the bottom right of the support page! We hope to improve on the chat experience in the very near future!


I hope this helps!


Yes, it did help very much. I found the link today by chance and talked to a support specialist. He helped me resolve the issue that was holding my order back and it should be going out soon. Thanks for your help!

You are very welcome John!

Chuck, thanks for clarifying. Perhaps anywhere that chat is mentioned, such as here:


there should be a footnote stating that chat’s on an on-available basis and where the link will show up when it is available?