I cannot get time lapse to work

I can set up time lapse and it tells me that it’s recording. After the time is up, there is no message about it (I’m not sure if there should be one) and worse there is no recording on the card. The time lapse directory is empty. I never could get it to work.

Are you looking in the Album under that camera in the app? That’s where it should be.

yes that’s where I was looking. I only have one camera.

I had the same issue on one cam. Im thinking it was the 64gbit sdcard, but not 100% sure. I put in a 32gbit card and it works now, however an update just came out and the 64G card it working too.

are you using > 32G sdcard?

I tried before with a 32 gb card and it did not work. The last one was with a 125mb card. I recorded just 5 minutes with 3 sec interval.

This is a known bug (I encountered it many months ago, and reported it to Wyze).

The TL recordings you made might be on the SD card in a folder named time_lapse, even though they don’t appear in the Album. The recorded files are named record.h264. I’ve found that they can be viewed using a media played such as VLC.

I just figured it out! I too had that same problem. The solution is in your phone setting. Go to your app setting in your phone then allow read and write on your phone. Afterwards the album should repopulate with all the file recording and it will now also allow you to record and take pictures as well. All this time it was actually the phone settings that was making this problem