I am confused. I am paying for Cam Plus and it is terrific. It seems I also am paying for Cam Plus Lite. Do I need the Lite version too? If not, and IF I decide to cancel the Lite version, how would I do it?

I am confused. I am paying for Cam Plus and it is terrific. It seems I also am paying for Cam Plus Lite. Do I need the Lite version too? If not, and IF I decide to cancel the Lite version, how would I do it?

Hello @nls you do not need both Cam Plus and Cam Plus Lite, if you are paying for both you should be able to get on a web browser and go to services.wyze.com and change the amount you are paying for Lite from your amount to zero.


If you have Camplus on every camera, then no need for CamplusLite. I have CP on a few cameras, then use CPL on a few others. Depends on what you want each of your cameras to have the ability to do and what service to apply to each if needed.


The service I am happiest about right now is the verbal announcements of every delivery without the need to rely on Alexa for this. FedEx has been dropping off frozen foods regularly without ringing the Doorbell and we don’t discover the package for hours despite an explicit direction on our FedEx Delivery Manager webpage that the driver is to RING DOORBELL UPON DELIVERY! We’ve been getting nowhere getting them to enforce it on frozen foods (only on their little cardboard envelopes), and now suddenly we are getting these Wyze Announcements to alert us! And frankly I don’t know what if anything I did to start them up and don’t even know whether they are part of Plus or Plus Lite. Just happy about it. :smile:

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How is this set up?

Aaand what is this through? App notifications? Or actual announcement somehow?

I’d think the Camplus is still the way to go due to the no cooldown. Let’s say something triggers an event on your delivery area, then an actual delivery occurs within the next 5 minutes. With camplus you’ll get an event/notif for each if there is some lull between the events but with CamPlusLite you wouldn’t get an event/notif for the actual delivery due to it being within the cooldown.

Happy is good :slight_smile:

It is a verbal announcement. “Person and package detected at front door!”
I assume it is a Wyze “Push Notification.”
It doesn’t show up in my Alexa app under Activity so I assume it is coming over my cell phone. Am I right? Where would I check? Is there a place to look on my Android phone which would show a record of announcements?
It’s really hard to tell where the announcement is coming from because I always have my cell phone with me and we also have Alexa devices in every room. I’m certainly grateful for these new announcements but curious where they are coming from. Especially since I am hard of hearing and don’t wear my hearing aids when I am sleeping but they definitely wake me up so I can get the frozen food box off the front porch pronto! :rofl:
PS - Before these announcements we were forced to throw away some of the food that spoiled while still out on the porch.


I have a 3rd party app that verbally vocalizes my notifications. But, I’m not sure if there is an android resident accessibility setting that does this or if another of your assistant apps is doing it. Definitely not from the Wyze app but from your phone. Since you mentioned hearing aids, especially if they are BT linked to your phone, I would bet those are being produced as a byproduct of your accessibility settings.

Note: may be different based on your type of phone & resident OS customizations.

Android settings :gear:, apps and notifications, notifications, notifications history:

Then click Use Notifications History to see the history link from the tray pulldown.

Wyze itself doesn’t have verbal announcements so it has to come from either Alexa (any routines?) or some other third party app or service you got. @SlabSlayer touched on it to, do you hear the annoying moments through your hearing aids, phone itself or Alexa speakers?

Ps I “loose” my phone and use the find my phone through my smart watch, but the sound plays through my hearing aids. But that doesn’t tell me where the phone is, only that still at home. Lol.

Thank you. My History on Android was turned off. So blank but I turned it on for the future.

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Couldn’t it be coming from the Wyze Skill in Alexa?
I just remembered that I unlinked and relinked the Wyze Skill recently although I don’t recall what prompted me to do that but something did. Maybe an instruction or tip I read somewhere. I just remembered - it came from Wyze:

Can you tell me the name of that 3rd party app?


The VOIP setting is only for the doorbell to initiate a phone call to your phone so you can talk to the person who pressed the button on a 2 way Voice Over Internet Protocol phone call.

I don’t have my Alexa running constant in the background on my phone, so it is not one of my Alexa default devices, but I do have Echo Dots in the house that I do have set up to vocalize Person Detection at my entry door cams. So, it is entirely possible that you have your settings for each cam in Alexa set to announce detections and your phone is one of the devices it pushes it to, although for mine, it will only announce for Person Detection. In Alexa, it is in the settings for that specific cam device:

The app I use is Free Notification Reader listed as “FNR Notifications Reader” or com.pelix.notify

Here is where I posted about it’s capabililies:

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Thanks very much! Great idea! I see I do have something similar on my phone called Shouter Pro, but I hadn’t implemented it for my WyzeBeta.