How weather resistant are the V3 cameras really?

I have 3 V3 failures due to a fogged lens inside that would not clear so for me the percentage is significant. It did not occur right away but each took at least 3 months to 6 months to show up. Only issues with the fogging are the ones in direct weather, not under cover. Seems to me Wyze will have some issues for sure over time with users that have them out in the elements. Not right away but something seems to be breaking down with the sun and / or temp cycling. They were bought at different times so I doubt it is is lot issue.

Thanks for the information and warning.

I had V2’s in the plastic housings that had no issues for close to 3 years in direct weather exposure areas.

I replaced them with V3’s without a housing in Feb’21 so far only a few storms have hit them, I get rain and snow with temps as low as 7° F then in the summer temps as high as 110° F.

Hope these V3’s hold up as good as the V2’s did.

Find the V3 covered in snow in pic below, the snow is gone now and camera seem OK so far.


Will the V3 fit into the typical birdhouse cage that the V1 or V2 fit into? Looking at the photo of the V3, it looks like it is bigger than the older models. Is there any type of housing or enclosure that the V3 can fit into to protect it from the weather elements?

They won’t, different case design. There are a number of V3 made covers on Amazon. Probably some on Etsy too.

Big v3 Cover Search From Amazon

v3 Birdhouse Cover on Amazon

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Thank you very much for your reply, including the website for Amazon. I already ordered the birdhouse hosing through Amazon for my V3 Wyze camera.

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