How to use SYNOLOGY NAS with WYZE cameras

I have several different Wyze cameras. Pancam v1, v2 also the new one, v1 and 2 of the wyze cam.

How do I integrate them with the Synology NAS.

If it were me…I would use either Wyze Docker Bridge or Tiny Cam Pro to convert the stream to RTSP, and have another program use that RTSP stream to save all the video directly to your NAS. Lots of people like to use Blue Iris, but there are dozen or hundreds of options out there, including free ones that should work to do this.

I’m with you. similar issue. I have 13 Wyze Cams and no way to add them into my Synology based Surveillance Station. I have a number oF Amcrest and Foscam Cams too but have been slowly moving off the Foscams. I have a farm and have Cameras all over. I have no problem with My Amcrest NVRs, but have been moving forward with the new technologies. The Wyze Cams have been great but I can’t integrate them into a local NVR environment. I’m moving to the Surveillance Station model because of the consolidation and redundency of the Synology equipment and sharing with file and systems backups… And I currently have 2 Synology units. I hope that there is a solution coming…
Just a quick note, I typically have 28 to 30 active cameras in and round the property. 2/3 of them are outside or semi outside… I,e. Horse stalls round bale feeders , water tanks , etc. my internet service is cable based and not the most robust system. Using a cloud based services is not very efficient and cost effective for me. And with 67 acres to manage, I use the cameras to monitor fencing and the functions of the operation with minimum personnel.

The solution from Wyze is the Mesh Router Pro. It has a USB port which was announced as being used for local storage…in the future sometime. From all the posts, Wyze has no plans to implement RTSP on the cameras and has actually pulled the RTSP firmware for older cameras from the website.

Yeah, take me back to Maxdrive and 2018.

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