How to sync time on cameras

How do you reset the time? Or even set the time? I traveled and accidentally changed the time. Now I’m back home and I want it back to normal.


Dear Wyze, why is this even a feature? This is not helpful. I want to know the time of the cameras not when an event happened in my travel time zone.

Welcome to the community, @origmedia. You can find how to sync the time on the camera by selecting Support at the top right of the forum, and then searching for “sync time” on the main support page. Alternately, you can select the “Wyze Cam User’s Guide” under the camera portion of the support pages.

Your so right time sync prompts are annoying and make it far too easy to set your camera to the wrong time. Folks have been asking for them to be removed for ages. Unfortunately the people at wyze don’t listen