How to save video

Hi everyone,

Can someone tell me how I can save videos? I need to save videos for proof when I go to court. Is there a way to save to my phone, memory stick, tv etc

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Are you using an micro SD card? If so it’s quite simple. Hit view play back, Find the video clip that you want to save and then hit the Record button and let it record the entire event that you want to save. And then it will be in your album for you to view later.You can also take snapshots while it’s recording that will be added to your album. On Apple iOS it also adds them to your photo album automatically so they’re there also.

And if you’re using a micro SD card you can obviously take it and download it to your computer or some other device that you might want to save it to you.


One thing to remember if you’re using a micro SD card is they will get to the end and record over themselves. So if you want to save an event I would do it quickly before it gets recorded over. Or pull the SD card so that you know for a fact it won’t get recorded over.

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