How to Power Cycle Floodlight Away From Home?

With the AWS outage today I discovered that the only way to get my Floodlight working again when AWS was back up, was to power cycle it by turning it off and on via the wall switch. Has anyone come up with a solution for this when you’re away from home, like on vacation? With the cameras you can have each connected to a smart plug to power cycle them, but since the Floodlight is hardwired, a smart plug won’t work.

As posted elsewhere… I see two options. (1) Wire the floodlights to an extension cord w\ male wall plug and plug it into a Wyze plug or other Smart Plug (this is what I did), (2) they make WiFi enabled Smart Breakers.

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Wiring my Floodlight to an extension cord is not an option due to the layout of my house and due to the only two outside outlet locations. And I’m not sure using a WiFi smart breaker would work either due to what’s on that circuit. Seems like technology doesn’t always make our lives easier.

Yeah. I did have the advantage of access in the attic of the house and garage to the back of the floodlight junction box to pull the power lines back, install a junction box and recepticle on those load lines from the switch, and then use a short pigtail plug to plug into the Wyze Plug.

I also haven’t jumped into the Smart Breaker pool yet, but I did think about it… so long as the internet and router isn’t on it I guess. I wonder if they make them so that it will cycle the breaker off\on with a single command so that if it cycles the power on the Internet or WiFi they will reboot then it reconnects…:thinking:

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How about a wifi enabled wyze (or other brand) wall switch?


And what is that supposed to do to fix the issue?

a wifi enabled wall switch, if it fits in your situation, could be used to remotely power cycle the floodlight. You replace your existing wall switch with the new one from wyze or another brand and you can flip the switch (virtually) off and back on from your phone when the floodlight goes offline.

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