How to make pan cam pan on it's own?

Nothing I’m doing is working. Turn on pan, turn off pan, set up way points. The only time is does that is when it’s motion tracking and I don’t want it to motion track in my dining room. I just want it to pan back and forth on it’s own all day. Any help would be appreciated.

Open the camera up and hit the More button. The next page will show different options. Click and highlight PanScan.
Close out back to the camera. If it scans to much open camera and click motor controls. When it opens there an option to set the scan action

There are several good articles on the Wyze support pages. Here’s an example. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I figured it out. I think the instructions need to be more clear. I understand it probably cuts down on purchase price, but I had to really tap every single item to figure out how they worked.