How to know if someone watching your camera on the Outdoor Cams

I am noticing on the back of my Outdoor cam the status light is remaining solid red. I know if the battery is full it will stay solid red. How ever the battery is not full. Is there a way to tell if someone is watching the feed live? I am asking because someone has my login info, Even though I changed the email attached to account as well as the password it doesn’t force a logout. I have lots of Wyze things aside from the cameras along with subscriptions etc and do not want to have to reset my whole system by creating a new account. Its really important if anyone has any tips. Thank you very much.

Welcome to the community cassandra!

The only way to make absolutely sure nobody else is still logged in and accessing your Wyze account is by enabling “2 Factor Authentication” because that will force a log out on everyone and the only one who will then be able to log in, is you.

Go to the account tab, then Security and walk through the steps of enabling 2 factor authentication (2FA).

That is the best and most sure way to do this. After you’ve logged in with 2FA, you won’t have to keep doing it in the future, it will save on your phone that your phone is an approved device. It will just give you that peace of mind that all your devices are totally secure and limited to just you.

In the future, if you want to share your cams with someone, I would recommend using the “Share” option in the app so they can view it on their own account. When you do that, you can always revoke the share from that person later. That way you are always in control and safe and don’t have to worry about future situations like this. :slight_smile:

Let us know if you need any help or further explanations for how to do any of the above so we can make sure you are taken care of.


I have 4 of the battery powered WCO Version 1. If I open the cam to live view the LED light on the back will turn on to solid blue. It also will be blue when it is detecting motion. I have only seen the red light when they are charging (flashing red) and solid red when charged, it’s been that way for 2 years.

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I am sorry I didn’t see this for a few days. If you change your password it should log you out from all devices except for the one you used to change the password. If this doesn’t work or you have suspicions someone has compromised your account you can email and give them the info and they will help you out.