How to keep Insects Off the Lens?

I’m looking for recommendations to keep insects off the lens of my Wyze cams.

This is not a detection issue. As you can see in the pic, the entire FOV is blocked by these tiny guys rendering the camera useless. In this case, it is box elder bugs, but sometimes it’s other types of bugs. I can’t keep them off! Suggestions?

Turn OFF the IR, then use external light source.

External light source can be IR or regular lighting.

No more bugs :grin:

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That’s during the day. IR should be off.

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I just checked. IR is disabled on that cam since there are other light sources for night recordings.

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Bug spray around the camera? Sticky traps?


Wonder why they like your lens so much. Like others, my insect problems mostly went away when I disabled the lights. During the day all of my infrequent blocking is from birds.

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Have you tried peppermint oil?
I had problems with spiders and put drops of peppermint oil on the non-lens portion of the cameras and the problem has gone away for at least 2 years.