How to install PIR motion sensor and FAQs

I know this topic has been covered in bits and pieces in several threads. However, If we can compile answers to these questions, would ensure others looking to install PIR motion sensors get the answers in one thread.

My questions are:
– How exactly does a PIR sensor differ from camera’s pixel-based motion detection?

  • Will PIR motion detection ignore moving leaves and branches
  • Will PIR motion ignore any motion that is not Human/animal?
  • Will shadow from tree branches trigger alert because of heat difference?
  • What is the recommended orientation ( Height, etc…) for placement and reduction of false alerts?
  • How far out will it detect motion( Cars ) when placed 6ft high on a wall vertically?
  • What should the orientation be when placing the motion detection on the ceiling or under eaves.
  • Can someone help visualize the coverage the motion sensor offers? I read folks covering the sensor
    partially with tapes which seem to have helped.

lastly… any tips and tricks that worked for you in reducing false alerts?

My motion sensor was going off every few minutes and I just could not figure out what was triggering it even after experimenting with a different locations. The only way to stop the constant motion alerts was to place it 2 feet off the ground.

Hey there Nedar1,

My apologies for the delayed response, after all this is a community forum. Here are the answers to your questions.

  • The PIR sensor will ignore moving leaves and branches as long as they are not giving off the heat of a human/animal.
  • The PIR sensor will ignore almost all motion except for humans, animals, and human-temperature objects (e.g., fire, etc)
  • This may cause alerts just depending on the circumstances, the Wyze Motion Sensor is rated for indoor use only and if you are placing it outside, you should face it away from the street and trees.
  • If the car is emitting enough heat, it may trigger it, usually PIR sensors can detect heat from up to ~32 feet away.
  • It is recommended the motion sensor is placed on a wall, 6ft high, with the Wyze logo on the top left.
  • Covering the PIR sensor with tape will stop detection in a certain area, the PIR sensor has a detection area of ~150 degrees.
  • To reduce false alerts, place the sensor 6ft high, with the Wyze logo on the top left corner, indoors (recommended).



well done sir

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Hello, thank you for the info! I was wondering if the PIR motion sensor has the capability to turn on and off wyze bulbs- example: Detect Motion = light ON & No motion = light will turn OFF. Thanks in advance.