How to find forum bookmarks?

I’m using an Android based phone most of the time. I can see how to set a bookmarks for a topic, but i do not see any way to find my bookmarks later! Sounds like a newbie question, but I’ve been using this forum for over a year now. Help?


I click on my avatar icon in the upper right, and that opens a menu with tabs. The tab with the banner or bookmark looking thing is what I click to see my bookmarks.


Click on your “avatar” and some tabs appear, one of which is bookmarks.

Thanks me!

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This one:

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Yes, thanks!

Lee Bosset

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Hmm… I don’t see any Bookmark Tab…

scroll up, its on that sidebar menu at the top…


Itll then show you the bookmarks that you made on the forum.

Edit, here is mobile view

What browser is that? Do you have any other browsers you can try? Are you viewing the forums through the app? If so, go to the forums in a standalone browser and see if it populates correctly there.

Thanks for the reply!
I’m using Google Chrome running Android…
I’m scrolled all the way up.

But on my Windows PC…
it shows up!

Have you tried closing all your open tabs in Chrome then reload the forum? Looks like you have a lot open based on the smiley face. :smiley:

What theme are you using in the forum? Your profile, preferences, interface,

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Ah ha!
When I selected the pancake menu (next to my avatar)… at the bottom right it said Mobile View… I clicked on it and it toggled to Desktop View and that fixed it!

Thanks for your help!

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