How to delete a duplicate device and it’s subscription?

New owner, new user. Set up one camera, then needed to move it for a better view. Then found that it had a poor WiFi connection.
Contacted help, to ask how to reassign to a new WiFi SSID. Was told to Add the camera, without deleting it, and register it to the new WiFi.
That worked, but now I have 2 devices registered (only one physical camera) and paying $40/yr, not $20.
How do I find a list of my devices, delete one, and fix my subscription?


This unintentionally shows it’s possible to get someone’s camera and re-register it with another account.

@dbell5 - have you tried logging into your account at > services > subscriptions to find and delete the duplicate? I believe in your case the suggestion from Wyze support was wrong. Set up the same cam under a different wifi in the account?!

@p2788deal - good observation, but I don’t see another account just a different wifi network under the same account which is possible. I have 2 - 2.4 networks in my mesh. 1 a dedicated IoT network, 2nd inside the main network. Different ssids and passphrases.

However, this does add validity to the stolen camera issue and the urgency to fix.

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I’m pretty sure it’s a different account. The ssid doesn’t matter in this case. Do you know you can have one account and have cameras in different places (with different ssid)?

And conversely, you can have 2 different 2.4ghz WiFis in the same house and switch between the 2 WiFis? With just 1 account. The backend should be able to identify a duplicate.

@p2788deal - I know it’s late or early depending on your time zone. I’m edst. Are you trying to confuse me? Didn’t you basically state the same thing in both paragraphs?

Only one location in one case, multiple locations in the other, so different use cases.

At any rate, it’s very easy to check for duplicated camera for 1 account; compare MAC addresses. For 2 accounts, you can’t simply compare MAC addresses. You’d have to get the other account - which other accounts have this MAC address? And that’s where the bug is (it’s not checking), as far as allowing stolen cameras to be re-setup.