How to create a custom schedule for each day

Just purchased my 1st WYZE cam, but I cannot find where you can create custom scheduling. I need to turn on notifications while we are at work, or at night while we are asleep, and it will be a different schedule each day of the week. I thought I saw it in the app when I first installed it, but I can only find where you can do it for every day being the same. Any help would be appreciated!

@riksvet Welcome to the community! Have you tried to setup a schedule under the app shortcuts?

Shortcuts allow you to set up tasks which can use either automation or manual triggers. Creating a shortcut requires both a trigger and an action.


  • Shortcut button - Shortcuts with a manual trigger can be displayed here for easy access, located on the Devices screen.
  • Edit - This is a shortcut to the shortcuts menu.

Shortcuts Menu:

  • Shortcuts - This is a list of shortcuts you have created. These shortcuts are assigned to your account and will populate on any device you log into.
  • Logs - This list will show if a shortcut triggered, when it triggered, and if it was successful or failed.
  • Edit - The Edit button allow you to delete shortcuts or rearrange the way they are being displayed.
  • Add Shortcut - To add a shortcut, tap […] in the top-right of the Home screen of the Wyze app. Then, tap Edit Shortcuts. At the bottom of the next screen, tap Create Shortcut.

Creating a Shortcut:

  • Icon - Tapping the circle at icon image will allow you to select from 5 icon types; Home, Away, Sleep, Wake up, & Other. iOS users : Currently, changing the icon will rename the shortcut to the icon’s default name.
  • Name - Below the icon is the name of the shortcut, tapping on the name will allow you to edit the name.
  • Trigger - This will let you select how the shortcut will know to execute.
  • Actions - This is what will happen when the trigger’s conditions are met. There is not a limit on how many actions a single device can perform in a trigger or how many devices can be effected by the trigger. Similarly, Actions can be set for Groups, allowing you to affect multiple devices of the same type at once.
  • Save - Once you have completed setting up your shortcut, tapping Save in the top right corner will complete the process.


  • Schedule - Allows you to set scheduled times for an action to trigger.
    • If no days are selected the shortcut will trigger once at the set time and then turn off. This shortcut can be turned back on at any time from the shortcut menu in My Account → Shortcuts.
    • If days are selected this action will repeat this schedule weekly until turned off.
  • Manual execution - Creates a shortcut that will only trigger when manually selected. When picking this option you will be given a choice to toggle this in the shortcut


  • Universal Actions - Turn notifications on/off
  • Wyze Cam v1/v2 - Turn camera on/off, turn motion detection on/off, restart the camera, & upload a short video to the cloud
  • Wyze Cam Pan - Turn camera on/off, turn motion detection on/off, restart the camera, upload a short video to the cloud, & reset position