How to Change Cam Pan Default Home Position?

I turned on detection zone and it kept going back to default position so finally I went into motor controls and set 3 new waypoints “all to the same spot” then hit save after doing that it has not changed and I have nothing turned on other than detection zone.


Hi there…as stated by @rbruceporter, there are two ways to do this. I personally do not use waypoints and I also feel that this is approach is more involved than the other option.

I elaborate a bit more on what he stated:

To keep the camera at the desired position, you need to turn on and set a detection zone.

At this point, you MUST use the directional controls below the footage window to point the camera to your desired position. You can also change the detection window if you wish but the key here is to change the PT to where you want to capture. This orientation is saved as default once you back out of the screen.

Once set, if you pan or tilt in ‘Live View’, the camera will return to the default location after 15 seconds.


Thank You!

Thank You!


After receiving all the latest firmware updates on 7/29/2020 the Pan Cameras seem to have lost their “HOME” positions. I went back and did the detection zone trick again and it fixed them.

You are most welcome…glad you are all sorted out!!

Thanks for pointing out the issue as I probably may not have checked that the position was changed. My detection zone was still there but the home position had changed. A bit annoying that this is necessary…I can only imagine someone with multiple PTZ cams.

This is one of the few non-intuitive things I’ve found in Wyze software. Additionally, the Home position should be independent of any pan/scan or detection settings: You should just be able to define the camera’s home position, and then easily return to that location by tapping a Home button.

It’s completely non-intuitive that you have to do this by creating a single detection zone, set where you want the camera’s default location.


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BTW, none of the methods in this thread work on my cam pan. There is a reset command in the app now, not clear what it resets, but after trying it, clearly doesn’t reset the home position.

Is anyone ever going to solve this? Its kind of pan camera 101 to have an easily set home position…

The only way I got it to save a home position is to turn on Detection Zone, pan the camera to the desired position, place a detection pixel and press Save … within the 15 seconds time gap before it would reposition. Save will now lock that position as Home. You can do this inch by inch until you reach the desired home position, then you can define you detection zone.

I can’t believe the WYZE software people has been unable to fix this for the past 3 years. Just add HOME set button feature.

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I agree about there being a setting to select a home position. But that would be asking a lot from Wyze… People have been asking them for black cameras for years and it still hasn’t happened yet so I wouldn’t hold your breath.