How to capture a still from video clip

I got a package stolen, I received the notification but the video quality wasn’t good. I try to take a screenshot from the video while pause. Anyone knows a better way?

I would share the video so you look at it on computer and play back in an app that will let you step frame by frame to find the best image. Do you have a PC or a Mac?

Thank you Rick, I’ve played around with lots of apps, none would work. I have windows and Chrome OS. If you know any software or apps that really work, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

Sorry, I’m strictly a Mac guy. Hopefully a Windows or Chrome expert will chime in.

Windows 10 has pretty decent basic video editing built in. Right click the video file and select “Open With” then “Photos”. When opened, there should be an “Edit & Create” button at the top. You can get to the single frame, or use the slo-mo feature - that may actually be better in this case. You’ll have to play with it. Hope this help!


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Download VLC (free) and with it, you can do frame advance, and try to get a more clear image in one of the frames, then screenshot it.

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I used VLC when I had a neighbor walking his dog and let it poop in my yard. Once I got a decent frame I used the windows snap function, it was great.

No, I spared you all by NOT posting that video under “Caught by WYZE Cam”.