How to auto alternate colors with bulb?

In the Wyze Color Bulb promo video it shows a lady in her bathtub and the bulb color is changing while she relaxes with a book in her hands.
How is this done?
I can’t find any settings in the app to have a bulb change colors automatically, and I did a web search for some type of alexa routine but so far nothing.
Thanks in advance.

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Nope…not available. What you saw is called “advertising”. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well that sucks. They found another sucker. I would have just stuck with the original bulbs. :frowning:

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You might want to read this post and vote:


Nice. I bet the official explanation is her partner is off to the side frantically manipulating the Wyze app. :wink:

Or something.

@Customer Ha I can see that. Over engineered and over produced video segment which needs a big asterisk on it. I’m sure they just stole the idea from a video Ilumi created, I will have to look that up.

@UserCustomerGwen any updates on color bulb scripting?

I found this IFTTT video that describes how to add a delay. I am going to try this to create a IFTTT to switch colors for a project I am working on. How to delay an action in an IFTTT Applet - YouTube It should work here for the bathtub bulb changing color …

Here is more info on the IFTTT integration from the Wyze website