How to access cloud data when V3 camera is offline (or broken or stolen)?

When my V3 camera is offline, I can’t seem to do anything with it using the app.

If a burgler steals or breaks the camera, how can I see the recording of his approach?

There are two plans of the cameras to record to the cloud: CamPlus gives you virtually unlimited recording time for an event. Without CamPlus, you get 12 second clips. Both are accessed via the Events tab in the app. However, recording only occurs if you turn it on for the camera. The events are available without the camera, once recorded.


Your screwed…unless you have the wireless outdoor cameras with SD card in base

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@WildBill provided great information on the recording. If the event is recorded to the cloud, you will be able to get to it via the app without the camera.

With that said, can you provide the Firmware version you have on the camera? The Offline issue is the concern here. If this occurs, I have found removing the power for 15 seconds and then plugging it back in and waiting for about a minute or two clears this up.

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This is the right answer. The “cloud” Events are still accessible from ANY phone/device that you have running the Wyze app and logged in to your Wyze account. As long as your camera stayed up for a minute after the event and before it was ripped down, you should see the video it uploaded.