How much data is used when NOT recording

My V3 camera uses a ViaSat connection. I am trying to predict how much data is needed for normal monitoring. During recording I am OK with the utilization, I would rather not use up lots of my metered data for the camera just chatting with the Wyze servers. I am on a 25 GB plan. Once that is used, the speed drops way off, but does continue. At the moment, the ViaSat apps are offline and we cannot login to get utilization stats. The specs don’t give any utilization info, although I am pretty sure they know what the typical data flow volume would be.

Does the V3 Pro use less data because of the edge processing requiring less chats with the servers?

I have 16 V3’s that are all outside, they average 7 - 14 Gb per months for each camera. So for those 16 cameras I used 110 Gb in November and this month 225 Gb, the big difference is the uploads to the AI (cam plus) as this month has had more wind, rain and snow which all cause a motion triggered upload for analysis by AI.

I don’t own a V3 pro but according to the specs it should be lower due to onboard AI

What App, software or methods are you using to get such accurate data usage numbers?

I have 3 cellular modem / routers and one is dedicated to just my Wyze Cams network.

The modem has a web interface that i get the data from.