Bandwidth Usage Question

Does anyone know whether a Wyze camera (V2, V3) uses bandwidth when not being viewed or when not sending motion detected video to cloud storage?

Assume there is at least a tiny about of data exchange to keep the camera connected to the cloud account, but in terms of the amount of bandwidth as seen next to the resolution indicator, is there any bandwidth usage at or near that level when not being viewed or sending motion video to cloud storage?


Not very much. I just started a packet count from one of my new V3 cameras. I’ll report the result in a half hour or so,

OK, 30 minutes on a V3 camera that was essentially doing nothing. This is count of outbound bytes and packets (from the camera). No attempt was made to determine where those packets were going or any other details.
TCP: 3915 Bytes in 59 packets
UDB: 79.3K Bytes in 1273 packets
Elapsed time: 1800 seconds (30 minutes)

So, not much data…


Great, thanks for that @K6CCC! Looks like its what I suspected; that its an amount just enough to keep alive. So thats good because the V3s do seem to use a good amount more bandwidth then the V2s to show its pretty picture. :upside_down_face: