How do you see more than one camera on your phone?

Hi, I love this camera so much I want to get more for my home. Now if I install more, will my phone have more than one wyzeapp app on my phone, or will the wyzeapp that is there now, just have more cameras show up when I click it?


This is the greatest camera! I can be running around all day and check on the dogs and see them tearing around the house! Love it!

Multiple cameras will show in the same app. I currently have 2 and they both show up.

I have 12 cams on my app. Right now, they appear in the order you install them. An update coming out soon will let you re-order them.

If you have an Android device, the TinyCam app will stream from WyzeCams and let you view multiple cameras simultaneously. Unfortunately, TinyCam isn’t available for iOS (yet).

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Just look down in the left hand corner. You will see “Devices”. Clicking on that will bring up your cams and then you will just click on the one you wish to observe.