How do I access the live stream feed from my WyzeCam?

In the Wyze app, the Devices tab lists the WyzeCams that you have set up or have had shared with you. It displays a static image of the last time you viewed the live stream feed from each camera. Tap on the image to enter the live stream feed for any individual camera.

Tips & Tricks:

Tap the HD/SD icon to toggle between HD and SD video quality.

Tap the Night vision icon to toggle night vision between on/off/auto.

Use two fingers to stretch and pinch to digitally zoom in and out.

Tap the Sound icon to turn sound on/off.

Use the Record and Take Photo buttons to record a video or take a photo. Videos and photos are stored in your phone’s gallery and can be accessed either through the Album in the Wyze app or your phone’s photo gallery.

Hold the Voice icon to talk through the WyzeCam’s speaker. The camera will automatically turn on the sound to listen for a response when you release the Voice icon.

Tap the Album icon to view, share or delete manually recorded photos or videos