Where does my stream and photos appear?

I’m new to wyze. And have a few questions like…

  1. Where do my streams and photos appear?
    Are these just caputered by my phone or are they shown someplace else like the wyze site?

2.How do I stop the live feed without closing down my wyze app?

  1. How do I delete? I just got my cameras and was testing them out. How do I delete all that stuff?

  2. For someone new is there a user guide for getting great photos, a how too for time lapse and creating albums?

user guide

There’s also


Thank you, this was very helpful for a newcomer.
I do have a question. with everything saving to the camera, I can’t find away to edit video’s in album.

Example: When I click on the video in album, it just allows the video to play, be shared, or deleted. Is there a way to turn video’s to gifs that I’m just not seeing?
I’m also not finding an edit photo area when clicking on photos.
I know there is a zoom feature and record, but these other things would be very help when getting ready to share something.