how can you toggle pan cam and motion tracking on and off

I cannot tell when the pan cam feature is active. I am not seeing any “greyed out” symbols on the app. when I click “more,” there is an option for pan scan, but no place to turn feature on or off. Same with motion feature.

any help appreciated

Click on the icon and it will toggle the state. Unfortunately in my opinion, it will also immediately leave the “more” screen, so you can’t see the indication that it changed state unless you select “more” again. When the function is on, the icon will be sort of a green color, and when it is off it will be gray.


When I turn on scan on mine it does one of two things:
If I have motion detection&detection zone on it immediately informs me that it has been turned off and to go to detection settings to turn it back on. Then begins pan scan
If I don’t have zone on it will immediately begin to scan.
Just looking at the menu under “more” the icon is grey/ black when off and green when on.
Hope this helps!

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