I was cruising this forum yesterday evening when I heard a ruckus above my head. I went upstairs to see what was going on and no one was up there. :thinking: I went back downstairs and the noise was still going on. I contemplated and reluctantly decided to cut a hole in the drywall above my head and stick a spare Wyze v2 cam in the hole…

Yikes! :open_mouth: It was a 6 foot Eastern Ratsnake shedding its skin. You can see his skin in this capture, but he’s actually over 20 feet farther back across the ceiling. He’s obviously been a busy boy as there are piles of mouse fur poop all over the place. :poop: :poop: :poop:

I fished the skin out with a hanger and left the cam up there with motion detection enabled. We can’t figure out how he’s getting in and out of the house, so we named him Houdini. :wink:

My big tabby always “took care of” the occasional mouse that dared enter the house but he passed away last winter. We recently adopted a 7-month old female from the shelter, but she hasn’t yet figured out that it’s her job to keep the mice out. I guess Houdini is just taking care of business until she grows up. :rofl: Now if I could just convince the rest of the family that Houdini is a friendly, harmless pet… it’s not going well. :grin:


Holy crap. Burn the house, claim the insurance call it good…I’m not afraid of snakes, but one that’s doing that stuff is up to no good and is possibly an evil sorcerer.

In order to cite my evidence I would have you only watch Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets… #facts


Ah, hell, I was hopin’ to see the chainsaw drywall “violation” with you wearing a tom cruise vanilla sky mask or such like then maybe a reverse angle from wyzecam-in-ceiling-cavity pov of your head slowly rising into cavity and peering around.

But this is still pretty good. :grin:

Maybe you could burn the mouse fur poop in some potteresque incantatory ritual?

Cut to family members recoiling, wretching, ralphing and then back to you raising smoldering poop balls to ceiling hole over a deep didgeridoo crescendo… ?

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Actually, you two already belong to a cult of sorts… the MAVENS!

How many Mavens does it take to ritually lift smoldering poop balls to a ceiling hole… efficiently, I mean? :wink:

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I’ve got the brave mave’s back for the snake problem, but any ritual whatever they are on their own. :slight_smile:


Looks like he has been well fed up there! Good for him or her.

Time to move.



Oh, Tony Boy, they got you, too?? O, Tony boy… :pensive:


There’s no such thing as “a little bit” Maven.

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Winkie implied. I love you guys.

He’s gotta nuke it from orbit. Only way to be sure.


How do you know what the radiation from in nuclear explosion wouldn’t turn it into something worse? We don’t know what this thing is capable of

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Leave him alone and get him something for Christmas - he’s earned his keep!!


I think he already claimed the house…you know what would fix this though…

Wyze Sharks with lasers!!! Ive been pushing for Wyze sharks for a while, and here is a prime example why.


How can you sleep at night omg… no way Call animal control they will find it :slight_smile: :roll_eyes:


Glad you’re not the type to kill it. It’s doing a good service for you. Just tell the family it moved out and leave it at that. Probably want to patch the hole or he may visit inside. :grin:

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I’v had mice, a squirrel, known people with birds, raccoons and even bats but never a snake. If Houdini has figured in and out, what’s to say he hasn’t managed to visit the downstairs! Is he big enough to be an issue for the kitten?


Lol, I thought for a second you meant like a guy you knew with a parrot on his shoulder living in the crawl space - remember those old stories where someone taps into the utilities and sets up house under the floor? :slight_smile:

Haven’t seen one of those in a while…

I know guys big enough to be an issue for the kitten. :wink:

My wife claims she hears something in the automatic now and then. I claim that it most likely the house settling, or temperature changes making things expand and contract. To appease her, I placed an Pan Cam in the attic. I’ve left the single light on as well. I was wondering if you were using a light for the above photo, or whether the infrared was adequate for your picture?
BTW, nothing has been spotted by the Pan Cam yet, but I did have a false motion detected.

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Can I borrow Houdini? I can’t even set up my WYZE to capture the roof rat problem I’m having! They’ve chewed through the wires before so I had to buy a game camera. I wish I had a Ratsnake!