Hot Tip and Hot Deal

3 Outdoor enclosures AND 3 mounts for DIRT cheap.

The seller is shown ( upper left corner ), the current price is less than anywhere I could find.

I got mine and 3 more coming tomorrow.

Limited time.

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FYI: I used amazon points to score these for less than $4.00 and free delivery.

Here’s what came. There’s more than enough hardware to mount anywhere. Rugged enough to hold a V2. I’d buy them again but they don’t allow daisy chaining of Cameras as the extruded area is 10mm off easily and not deep enough to use Wyze usb.

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I have 3 of these mounts outside in Canada (-30 to 40 Celsius). No issues with them or the cams.

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…and that’s why I bought them, I’ve read hundreds of replies about these “birdhouse” enclosures working real well in all conditions.

It’s the price that really made me jump on it. Normally it’s about $12-$14 for a housing and mount and this deal just stood out.

It’s just not the perfect design for daisy chaining two cords out the housing.

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