Home monitoring service for business environment

It will be nice to be able to use the Home monitoring service for business environment.

This way I can have the same service for my home and another one for my business.

I would love for Wyze to make “Wyze Business Monitoring”. Their monitoring service is great for your home but I would like an optimized version for small businesses.

Some ideas:

  • Support for more cameras

  • Ability to add employees so they can arm and disarm the system only during business hours and view the cameras. Employees should not be able to change any settings with the monitoring system or the cameras shared with them.

  • Wyze Hub with storage for video clips and optional cellular backup

  • Standalone siren for extra noise

  • Cameras with optional support for POE

  • Monitoring center is able to view footage from camera events to confirm there is an intruder in your business and describe what the person(s) look like when they are reporting the event to the authorities.

  • Smoke detector connected to the monitoring service so that the monitoring service can send the fire department without you having to.


Yes, that will be great

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A small business version of the monitoring service would be wonderful. I also use this at home and would love to have similar functionality at the shop. Fully agree with @jls4wheeler suggestions. I would also add more configurable live monitoring station for view during business hours and a wireless panic button feature.

For now, it would be nice if Wyze just opened up the home monitoring service to businesses. I just chatted with support who told me this is not yet available.

It doesn’t even have to be specialized for business, just let me have home monitoring at more than one address under my one wyze account

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Yes i agree …home monitoring at more than one location inder the same account…IS THIS BEING CONSIDERED OR ACTIVELY WORKED ON ?