Home Monitoring Different Notification Sounds

Please add different notifications sound to home monitoring. I know it’s been discussed as far as doorbell notifications but I would like to be able to use different sounds for home monitoring also for like when the system is armed/disarmed or alarm is triggered. It’ll be much more helpful for me to get a different sounds to differentiate between general phone/txt notifications.

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In particular, I REALLY would like to be able to choose different notification sounds from separate camera motion (not connected to home monitoring), v.s. home monitoring events. And to be able to select different sounds for sensor changes v.s. intrusion alerts.


Agreeing with @DaveL and + my own use case.

When my push notifications are enabled I would like to set a severity to them.


Kid Camera: motion = True, chime once

BackDoor Cam: Person detected = True, Chime until I dismiss notification

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Should be able turn off notifications of arm and disarming system (or make it easier if the mat already exists) while leaving on notifications for other events like cams and alarms.

I agree. It should just tell you when there’s 10 seconds left and things like that. My dogs can’t stand that loud beeping noise even on the lowest volume setting

I would like two different volume settings between hub settings and tone settings in the home monitoring settings

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It would be nice for different sounds for different sensors too. Like for the front door versus the back door.


It would be a nice feature to add if each sensor could have its own tune. For instance, I open the back door and it makes one chirp, I open the front door it does 2 chirps. Or along those lines. Just something to identify what sensor was triggered simply based on the noise alone.