Notification sound on person event

Is it possible on an android phone to have the notification for person movement play a sound rather than vibrate? Is it possible to have different notification sounds for different cameras? I am trying to get rid of old security alarm system but have a comprehensive notification system in place.

I couldn’t find anything for your first question, but I did find this #wishlist topic. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I think one of the things they should do soon is to develop a better more detailed user manual. That would answer a lot of questions.
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You could use a sense device like a contact or motion sensor and a separate sounding device like a chime with an Alexa or IFTTT routine to create a mobile alarm. I made the setup below in about 10 minutes and use it for alarms driven by both kinds of sensors with different ring patterns for each application.


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if you are android there is a work around.

I cant believe everyone forgot about this. @tomp @DreadPirateRush come on guys :rofl: this was my best how to.


Hey-you Android people! I did check it out in the IOS App Store but nothing turns up under Light Flow or Lightflow Shame- I was eager to play with it.
I didn’t forget your “best”. I’ve got it earmarked. I’m hopefully going to wind up with an Android device once this quarantine is over and I can travel.
Good work!

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Oh, I remembered your how-to, I just didn’t think it covered person detection specific sounds. I guess I need to go re-read it, eh? :wink:

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