Home Monitoring countdown

How do I turn off the countdown for when I arm my system when I’m at “home”? This is especially terrible when I arm the system at night and ow I’m not able to do so without waking up the entire house.


Have you tried setting the exit delay to zero?

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Currently, the only option is to set the exit delay to 0 or 30 seconds. But with zero delay, you risk the chance of tripping off the alarm if you accidentally armed the system while you or a member of your household is still outside letting the dog out or taking a smoke…

Side note… I’ve found out the hard way (or noisy/loud way) that if you happen to “disarm” the system while it is on the last second of countdown, the system does not disarrm … I had to wait a second or so into the alarm cycle while its making noise before the system allowed me to “disarm.”

Why would I want to do that? What if I’m in the room that has a sensor on the “home” setting?

Yeah. Not really a solution, but thanks.

Just wondering why you would have a armed sensor in a room when you are home? Wouldn’t that only be under an away setting? Could you be in a room that isn’t armed with the home setting when you arm “home”?

You can add (or remove) sensors from the “home” and “away” list. So if you were home and you had a motion detector in your living room, then just make sure that the motion sensor is not in the “home” list… (just in the “away” list)… This way, the motion will look for motion when you are at home… But when you leave home, and actually away from your house, the motion sensor (being on the “away” list) will trigger the alarm if it senses motion while you are gone as long as you active the “away” profile.

Hope that helps to clarify things a bit more…


How do you, and what sensors do you have set to “home” or “away”? How do you plan to use them?

Like @FullyChargedTech stated, I have only my perimeter entry sensors added to “home” so we can be home, or be sleeping whatever, then any opened door sensor will trigger a HMS alarm. We would have to disable the HMS service before we left or went outside to avoid an alarm. If I am inside my house when I would want to enable the alarms, i have my delays for home set to zero because I would not be exiting my house, so no need for the delay or to want hear the beep count down.

Now if we would leave the house, I’d enable away, which is my door sensors and my interior motion sensors, which would alarm to any door, or any motion inside my house. Here I would have a delay if I planned on ever using the keypad so we’d have time to exit the house before the house was active.

If you are utilizing the home and away mode differently than mentioned above, then you may have the sensors setup differently. That would also explain out your meaning of this comment better for me:.

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