Home Monitoring - Alternate Danger passphrase (verbal duress code) for Noonlight

I would like an alternate passphrase when Noonlight calls so that they know I’m in danger. If an intruder breaks in and has me at knife/gun point they are going to want me to answer the call on speakerphone and they are going to expect for me to give the right pass phrase. In order for me to stay safe I will need to. My suggestion is to have an alternate passphrase that Noonlight will know Im in danger and still alert the authorities. Giving the incorrect passphrase twice and verification will not be safe if you are at gunpoint.

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MOD NOTE: Related request for Duress Pin Code can be found here: Duress Code (PIN) Feature

Yes, the ring alarm system has this feature and definitely is a must have for all alarm systems. Voted!


Agreed! I’ve had this feature on several home alarm monitoring systems in the past, and it is very much needed.