Duress Code (PIN) Feature

I first posted this over on Reddit and was told about the “Roadmap” and “Wishlist” area, so here I am! I’m going to put in what I wrote over there:

My wife in the past experienced a jacked up home invasion that they told her to disarm the “Home mode” once it was was apparent it was actually I’ve by entering her PIN. I know some services offer an ability to enter a completely different PIN that would disable the alarm, so to speak, but would still call in a response / access to the assigned cameras.

Yes this definitely an edge case but I can’t imagine it would be too hard to code in - any support on this?

MOD NOTES: Title modified to differentiate from similar request and to enhance search clarity. Related request for verbal duress code can be found here: Home Monitoring - Alternate Danger passphrase (verbal duress code) for Noonlight

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Also, it is on the Wyze radar.



I’d like to see this too.


Can we get a duress code feature for the home monitoring system? It would be helpful if I’m forced by an intruder to disable the alarm, triggering an automatic call to police.


Agreed! I’ve had this feature on several home alarm monitoring systems in the past, and it is very much needed.

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I also have used this requested-feature on another system. The duress PIN triggers a silent alarm.

Allowing anyone, even kids, to comply with demands while letting authorities know they need help immediately. Would be a great addition!

Agreed! Both a duress pin & a duress code word in the event the alarm is going off and Noonlight calls. We need to be able to give them a warning word so they act calm and disable the alarm while silently dispatching police.