Holiday Costumes For Wyze Cams and Wyze Cam Pans

Happy Holidays! We know how much fun a bunch of you had with our Halloween costumes so we wanted to send out some holiday cheer. Enjoy!


Oooh… Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

The Christmas spiders are a nice touch. :wink:

Santa-Stuart minion is watching if you are naughty or nice!

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@WyzeGwendolyn We were setting up our Halloween decorations today and I got so excited to print off a halloween costume for my wyze cam pan. After going in search of them and finding them gone I was disappointed! We got our camera in May and have looked forward to the holidays so we could dress it up. Are the costumes just in a place I cant find or gone all togeether?

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Sorry about that! We are restructuring the support site and have a Medium blog that we didn’t used to have. We’re figuring out where the files are going to go. I’ll poke the team about this and try to get that situated before Halloween for you. :slight_smile:

@WyzeGwendolyn you are awesome! Yes please get them on that! My kids really want to dress up the cam pan. Thank you so much and please let me know when it is solved!


Will do! Thank you very much for your patience and understanding. :slight_smile:

Have you found a place to store the files yet?

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Yep! But we’re needing to shift the files around. I know we were working on this today. I’ll check in on this tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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I’m told that this should be fixed tomorrow. I’ll check in on it again then. Sorry about the delay!


@WyzeGwendolyn thanks for all your doing! Can’t wait to dress our Cam up!

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We can’t wait for that either! But we have to for now… I’m told that this should be resolved tomorrow so I’ll be checking in then again. :slight_smile:

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We had something else pop up that took resources away from this. They’re going to try to have it ready tomorrow so I’ll check back on Monday. Sorry about the delay!

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EDIT: The Downloadable Goodies section is up and running again! You can check it out here:

Original Post:

Alright, so the delay is because we’re trying to do something fancy that will basically make these function like products on our website. But that has been more tricky than expected so here’s a Dropbox link so you can download the files while we continue working on figuring this out. :slight_smile:

If you have any problems with it, please let me know!


You rock @WyzeGwendolyn! Thank you so much for all you’ve done to get these to us! We will definitely dress up the cam today!

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Aww… You rock, too! I hope that you and your family have a lovely time dressing your cam up for the holiday. :slight_smile:

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The url to the holiday costumes doesn’t seem to work. Can you check it please?


Hi, @joegibbs108. Try this link here:

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Yup! We got them into the site. I’ll swap my old link now. :slight_smile: