Halloween Scare - Free Wyze Cams!

It’s that magical time of year when we get to scare the pants off people and we’re starting with our own CEO.

Until the end of October, we’re giving away up to 100 open box Wyze Cam v2’s in exchange for Wyze Cam videos of you scaring folks.

Step 1: Scare somebody
Step 2: Capture the video on a Wyze Cam
Step 3: Email the clip to wow@wyzecam.com
Step 4: Find out if you’ve won a Wyze Cam the next Friday!

Keep it all in fun, please! We don’t want anyone getting hurt or upset here. But we look forward to seeing what you come up with! :smiley:




I’m glad you added that last qualifier. Hopefully no heart attacks! :wink:

Heart attack videos will just make me sad. Please don’t send those! Also, pants on is a plus. :slight_smile:

You’re too funny! (and yes, I did a stupid reCaptcha just to tell you that)

So I guess the expression “scared the pants off you” doesn’t apply here?

I gotta say, knowing how much you hate reCaptcha makes the sass feel special!

At least in this case! You can scare the pants off of people! Just don’t send those particular videos in to us.