Hi WyzeCam, need thumbnail view for alert or notification clips.

Thumbnail view for alerts, hope WyzeCam can add this feature to make the app more useful. See screenshot below, left is WyzeCam, right is another product that I am using - Xiaomi Yi camera.

I would really like this feature as well, it seems like theres already a place for the snapshots to go.

It’s really hard to quickly navigate alerts without a thumbnail of the motion captured. Please add this feature.

That feature has been added To the new app version that is in beta Right now

Thank you. Another feature that would be nice is the ability to select multiple alerts to delete as well as the ability to “lock” an alert so it can’t be deleted unless it’s unlocked. I get a lot of false positives from cars driving by on my street and I would like to be able to lock relevant alerts and delete the rest.

To bulk delete multiple alert videos, tap Edit in the upper left corner of the Notifications screen. You can select individual videos or tap Select all at the bottom of the screen. Tap Delete and confirm that you want to delete the videos.

Wow. Can’t believe that I totally missed the edit button. I would still like to be able to lock videos. Thanks you for the reply.

Is the thumbnail feature able to be added to wyzecam v1?

It’s a hardware limitation, I believe.

Thanks sorry for the repeated question…I didn’t remember what the issue was. Is locking an alert to prevent deletion on the feature request list to be voted on?

I don’t think so, but you can search here: #roadmap