HelpDesk and Communication

Good morning Wyze. I have some issues with your Tech Support. I had one ticket when first tech gave me some generic things to do. Then when I told him that it can’t be anything generic because ALL of my camera notifications including shared cameras have stopped notifying me via Push Notifications, he then came back and said that yea, Wyze has an issue on their end and then continued to ask me for info THAT WAS ALREADY IN THE TICKET. After I responded to that, he never replied but some other person replied to the same ticket. This second person then initiated to tell me to do some generic testing such as changing sensitivity and resetting all of my cameras?!?! I
Mean really?! Did they not read my notes in the ticket? This happened to ALL cameras, over night when I was sleeping and deals with push notifications. Why does your helpdesk not check to see if there are some issues at Wyze first before telling me to reset all of my cameras (10+ cameras). Why does helpdesk not do some research prior to giving me some generic steps when if you read my issue, there is no way this is something a generic test would fix PLUS Wyze already had an issue identified by that time so why did Helpdesk not know this instead of creating hours of work for me doing generic testing of my cameras when the issue was on Wyze end all along. I just ask that Helpdesk at Wyze do some investigating internally FIRST to see if Wyze has an internal issue before sending me on an hour long checks of all my cameras when the issue wasn’t with the cameras.
Also, I know Wyze has the ability to display a pop message on the app when an issue is identified at Wyze. A pop message would be nice AS SOON AS AN ISSUE IS IDENTIFIED to tell us, the users that an issue is indentifed so that we then don’t create these helpdesk tickets. Thank you.

Thank you for your feedback, @andryha09. I will share this with the team. May I please have your support ticket number so I can look into your specific case?

For this one, my bet is that you contacted us originally before we had the issue confirmed and then during our information collecting period. Based on your description, I’m not sure what happened for the last round. I will share this with our support team as a learning experience to improve our support.

Are your notifications working now?