Help! Wyze thermostat! Using thee green wire!

Hi ,
I’m trying to trouble shoot using my spare green wire to power my 4 wyze thermostats. I have hydronic radiant heat with 4 taco zone valves. Only the red and white wire make it to the control board, but I found the green wires that run to the thermostat in my basement ceiling. I was wondering if I could wire nut the green wires and run 1 wire to the 24 vac location on my funace board.
See photos for explanation.

The lower terminal marked 24VAC should be C. just watch out for zone 3, it’s using a green wire as a thermostat wire. make sure you didn’t join it to all the other green wires.

You also probably want to put something like a 3A fuse between that common terminal and your green wires, in case someone ever shorts a wire messing around with the thermostat.

Note that argo says that you might need an additional board if the thermostats make your relays chatter.

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