Help with blurry license plate on a hit and run please

This is interesting. My neighbor has one of those cameras that doesn’t have SD card, but internal hard drive. His camera captured the incident too, but seem to have a little better quality/ pixilation

One of my neighbors security camera’s seem to have captured a better quality video. Hoping someone here has the photoshop expertise to enhance this image a little bit

Image 1 (20220612_201021.jpg - Google Drive)
Image 2(20220612_201037.jpg - Google Drive)

Videos from neighbor’s camera:

Video (VID-20220612-WA0002.mp4 - Google Drive)
Video 2 (VID-20220612-WA0003.mp4 - Google Drive)

Oh man, a recording of the screen. :confused:

Someone else may have the magic touch but you can’t even read the tags on the stopped vehicle.

I ran into this problem with a hit and run. The business had great security cameras but the owner had absolutely no idea how to export the file (and I didn’t have a storage medium) but I was able to use their security software to zoom in on the tag of the vehicle (the owner was patient with me as I tried to figure out the tricky interface) – it was blurry even though it was at very slow speed but the insurance company still used the partial.

Anyway, if you couldn’t see it while looking at their monitor, your phone is not likely to pick up anything additional. A copy of a copy problem.

If possible, I’d ask for the highest resolution file export of the van video. Otherwise, asking them to see if they can zoom in on the tag.

There may be nothing there but it’s hard for me to tell because their video monitor may not have the resolution to display all the data within the original video.