Hedge Protect?

My insurance company offered a discount if I would install their camera and water detection devices. Since the discount was significant, I spent about $30 to get a camera and 3 water detection devices. Well, the camera, packaging, mounting process and WiFi connection process is identical to my WYZE products. I couldn’t readily find any relationship between Hedge, American Family Insurance, and WYZE so I thought I’d ask.

The companies are definitely not related, but their hardware manufacturer is most likely the same. The Hedge, American Family Insurance camera looks to be the same as the one in this Neos(UK smart home brand) FCC filing:

My guess is that your insurance company and Neos both source the camera from this hardware manufacturer, Wyze also sources some of their hardware from this manufacturer, but they don’t sell this model of camera. This is most likely because Wyze developed the V3 instead.

Thanks Brlepage, I saw the same thing after I made my posting here. Neos seems to be the UK personna of the WYZE product.
That being said, it is uncanny how absolutely parallel the product, packaging, accessories and boot-up experience is between the AMFAM/Hedge product and the many WYZE cameras I have already in my household.

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