Has anyone bought Wyze Sense and put one in their car? If so, any feedback?

I have five cameras, varying standard and Pans. I’m thinking about buying Wyze Sense. Thanks.

I put a motion sensor in the center console of my wife’s car. I live in a rural area not really concerned about people messing with the car but instead of her having to get out her phone she can just open the console and the porch light comes on. My house is about 100ft from the road and it reconnects to the hub about 80ft from the house good to go by the time she parks. If someone were to get in my car while it’s in the driveway and look in the console I would get an alert and the porch light would turn on.

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Cool. Are you achieving this all through IFTTT via Hue lights or some other solution, or all Wyze products?

All Wyze