Gun Safe Cable

So I love the gun safe, Good price fr this type of product, however I was a little suprised that there was no cable attachement option. I know you can mount it but If I dont want to attach it to something or what to be able to move it from my office to my car I would like to be be able to use a security cable. I would assume that drilling holes would void the warranty. I also dont want to run the cable through the mountin holes preventing it from sitting flat. Anyone else come up with something?

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The only thing I could think of that doesn’t require additional drilling would be a flat of thin cable lock using the mounting holes. I did a quick search and found a number of thin cables, but nothing flat. There may be some special ones out there somewhere

Maybe you could use the mounting holes as a way to secure a plate with an eye bolt? Most likely something that would need to be fabricated, but this is the thought.

Or Steel mending brackets attached to the mounting holes?

The safe would sit higher but would be more flush than with a cable.

I came here to see what a Gub was. I was hoping to learn something new.


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Thanks for renaming it.

Cables are easy to cut with a small bolt cutter and I would never trust them to prevent my gun or other valuables in the safe from being stolen.