Grouped the Bulbs, Got The Sensor - Now What

Installed the two new Wyze bulbs in my closet. They work. Created a group called “clothes closet” with the two Wyze bulbs. Put an open/closed sensor on the closet door. It works.

Now how do I get the sensor to turn the “clothes closet” group off and on when I open and close the closet door?

Here is the official Wyze Bulb Documentation. Look at the Shortcuts section of the user guide. :slight_smile:


Yup, you have to use shortcuts to set up on and off

This is going to be so much fun! :grin:

Got mine installed love them just would like the ability to tie to to a time. Example if I open my front door after 6 pm it turns the lights on versus turning them on all the time it opens. Any thoughts on how to make this work or is it something that is coming?

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I was hoping to control a hall light with the motion sensor. Turn on with motion and off when clear. I was hoping to have it do that between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. only and to stay on for 5 more minutes once no motion is detected.

Can only get it to work with/without motion. Can’t find a way to set active hours and adjust how long the light stays on. Am I looking to do something beyond it’s capabilities?

@mwaldoch, I think you can set up an action in a shortcut that will shut off the lights when the motion detector has been clear for “x” amount of time. I found that option in the Edit Shortcuts / Actions. Hope that helps.

I am hoping that more features and scheduling options are added as the Wyze Bulb product programming is refined and matures. Perhaps we should put these requests/ideas onto the Wish List thread.

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do a search first…there have been quite a few since the bulb was shipped, so or even some alternatives might already be there.

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@Bam, I am sure you are right. A search could yield a treasure trove of ideas and ways to perform desired tasks. And as I find new ways to use the various Wyze products, I will take advantage of other forum members experience and tips.

However, what I am referring to are the features that are currently part of the bulb/app and new features as they are added. It would be nice if these were added to the User Manual for the bulb.

I do understand that it would be impractical to try and document every possible way to use the various combinations of Wyze products. But, it would be possible to consolidate ideas as they are posted to the forum. That would make it much easier for less tech savvy people to setup and use their products.